Sound good, look good!

Handmade wooden pedalboards for your guitar effects.

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Built to tailor your musical needs, for use on stage, in the studio or at home.


Equipped with the connections you need, where you need them.

Good looking

You already sound awesome, now look awesome too!

Made to fit

The perfect place to fit your favorite guitar or bass effect pedals.

Get in touch to order your own JK pedalboard

JK pedalboards does not yet have a webshop and builds to order (for now), so please drop a line if you want your own handmade pedalboard.

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Handmade quality

Being a guitar player myself, the first JK pedalboard came from the wish to have a clean board, that looked good too. Not being a fan of pedalboards made from metal, I decided to make one myself. Beautiful solid wood combined with high quality connections and wires made a clean and slick pedalboard, that is connected in seconds.

If you too want an awesome pedalboard for your boutique guitar effects, or want to look good on stage, please feel free to contact me about the options!

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Rob van Dalen

Rob van Dalen


I picked up my first guitar 25 years ago and virtually never put it down. After building my first guitar I discovered that my love for working with wood and making music could easily be combined. JK Guitar Gear was born. Over the years I started building electric guitars, speaker cabinets and pedalboards.

With JK Pedalboards I create products that are functional as well as great to look at. Currently I am working on a set of ‘standard’ models and I am also open to incorporate your needs into your own custom pedalboard.