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Beautiful Handmade Wooden Pedalboards for your guitar effects

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Built to tailor your musical needs, for use on stage, in the studio or at home.

Equipped with the connections you need, where you need them With flexible connecting options.

The perfect place to fit your favorite guitar or bass effect pedals.


The Baby

A sweet little board that holds around 6 micro effects or 6 Boss sized pedals


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The One

A beautiful medium sized board that holds 8 Boss sized pedals

"There is no spoon"

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The Dude

The largest of the stock models that fits up to 12 Boss sized pedals

"The dude abides"

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There are three JK Pedalboards stock models available in the webshop and you can go custom too!

Want me to build your dream board?  Contact me!


Get your perfect pedalboard

I have several slots a year to build custom pedalboards to perfectly fit your needs (and effects). Need a space for your WahWah? Want to plug in your power directly? Fit your board with a deck on hinges, a hood and a carrying handle?

Because everything is handmade, there are almost no restrictions.

Custom builds start at € 350,-

Tell me your wishes

Handmade with love

Being a guitar player myself, the first JK pedalboard came from the wish to have a clean board, that looked good too. Not being a fan of pedalboards made from metal, I decided to make one myself. Beautiful solid wood combined with high quality connections and wires made a clean and slick pedalboard, that is connected in seconds.

If you too want an awesome pedalboard for your boutique guitar effects, or want to look good on stage, please feel free to contact me about the options!