The JK pedalboards models

The perfect pedalboard for


Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it!

There is a perfect pedalboard for every use. And if the standard models do not fit your needs, you can always choose for 'The KING', a custom board built to your needs. Because the customer is king.

Go custom



A sweet little board that holds about 4 Boss-sized pedals or up to 6 micro-pedals.

- B-A-B-Y, baby.

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A beautiful medium sized board that holds about a maximum of 8 Boss-sized pedals.

- There is no spoon.

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A pretty large board that holds up to 12 Boss-sized pedals.

- It really ties the room together

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the dude jk pedalboard


Tailored to fit your needs

You can have your own custom designed pedalboard, to fit all of your effects pedals and more. Together we will find out what is best for your playing style and effects collection.

Ain't no mountain high enough

You name it, I'll build it. When you choose a custom board, I will incorporate your wishes into your own pedalboard. For example:

  • - what type of wood?
  • - what size?
  • - which connections?
  • - a flat part for your wah-wah or volume pedal?
  • - a flight case?
  • - and virtually anything you think of...

If you want to order your custom The KING pedalboard, please contact me to check out the possibilities or to make an appointment to discuss them over a cup of coffee and some (guitar) music.

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*) or Queen. of course.